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Hello world! Hello friends! Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time! Yes it has! I hope you haven’t forgot about me, because I haven’t forgot about you! Hello to all my good friends around there! HOPE YOU’RE DOING OKAY!

Well…here is the thing….8 month ago I left Tumblr because I was getting through a very sad and heartbreaking situation with my family. My mom was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer on April, and I though like my world was falling apart. So we took care of my mom since then.

We tried to do our best so she could feel better. we also thought we could have her for a very long time, fighting this horrible disease, but no :´(… mom lost her battle with cancer almost two months ago after 6 months of her diagnose and I still miss her every day.

I still miss her very very much! :´(

So now I’m back, wishing you all you’re okay!

Guys….I have something to say

Dear followers, friends. I know I haven’t been to much time in here, for a long time, but I have something important to tell you, and I hope you understand it. Me and my family we’re going through a very difficult time right now, why?…my mom is very sick, she has cancer….How can I tell you this….She’s very very very sick :’(…
So why am I telling this? Because I wont have to much time to be here. I’ll try to spent much time as I can to be with her…because I LOVE HER SO MUCH! :’(…..
So this is long but NOT definitely HIATUS for my blog, I’ll be back. I really hope you understand.
You’re free to keep following me or not…You’re loved! ALL OF YOU!
Bye! Send kisses to all!

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Eric Abidal scoring 2:1 goal in…
FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid in Copa del Rey, 18.01.2012


FC Barcelona 2 - 1 Real Madrid


FC Barcelona 2 - 1 Real Madrid


omg I’m so proud to be a culé, always, I mean ALWAYS


it makes me cry

oops we did it again guys

we fucking did it

Abi and Puyi our fucking kings





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!!!!! BARCAAAAAA!!!!!


Play dirty all you want, we will still win: the Barcelona way.